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QueenSoopers closed a deal for $15k to the underwriting department

I’m a new AE (but not new to the company - got promoted beginning of September) and this is my “first” big deal selling our main solution (my department sells 2).

This was a current customer who was using our other solution but I did some digging and realized that I could save them ~$14k a year with our main solution. Did the numbers, ran a discovery and demo to ensure fit, and just got the contract back. All in all I think it took me about a month from start to finish.

This is my biggest deal yet so I’m stoked!! Not a huge banger like some of y’all are bringing in, but I should have another ~20k coming in by Friday so it’ll make for a good week. 15k is just the minimum set forth for the next year, and we’re expecting them to actually transact ~25-30k.

Deal Story
elevateNcelebrate closed a deal for $113k to the IT department
I first closed a deal for 75k in March to this organization and then grew them again in July to 113k. This came down to continuously delivering value to the CIO/decision maker and justifying a business...
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ZCB closed a deal for $12k
This deal was a quicker sale cycle that started two months before end of Q4. The customer kept pushing off pricing conversations till the last week of Q4. Persistence paid off in the long run and was a...
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CeeCeeSix closed a deal for $450k
Although I've established a great relationship with this customer, the deal closed REALLY quickly for my world and that's why I feel like something is off with it...customer starts billing next month. ...
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