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revenuehunter closed a deal for $800k

Took me about 7 months selling e-Learning courses specialised in new age technologies, and the challenge was the price point at which I was selling. Per Employee/Year cost was equivalent to 60% of the employee's annual salary. And considering the market being sold into, this was insanely high. Other markets the cost of learning per employee/year was close to about 5-8% of the annual salary. Had to speak with 31 different stakeholders, change the pricing model/product packaging in a way that we bring down the cost for them. That was the only way to add value. This took a lot of internal stakeholder collaboration too. And for the deal to be counted in the same financial year, and not miss my targets - had to get the final signatures on December 28, when the EB was on vacations. (Don't ask me how I reached out, and what I said that he signed it on December 29). $$$$$.

Deal Story
undercoveroperator closed a deal for $320k to the IT department
Bit of a challenging contract structure set up last year. They signed for 4-years, but had an opt-out after 1-year. My team and I were all over the account to ensure they're maximizing value and effici...
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Comissionfiend closed a deal for $453k
This deal took me 2 weeks start to finish, identified a need, probe at their current pain points with their current insurance, hit hard and hit fast. Felt damn good considering this is on the larger si...
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RaymondRisotto closed a deal for $18k to the IT department
First close at a new company! Closed it for full list price a week into being out in the field on my own. Ran a tight discovery, since I needed the prospect to talk a lot more than me, and one demo was...
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