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Should I leave my job after 3 months?

Hi all,

About 3 months ago, I accepted a position at a job that I viewed as a huge step in my career. I went from an 75k OTE to 130k and broke into selling really complex software to c-suite executives. All in all, the transition has been challenging but positive. I like my boss, my colleagues, and I believe in the solution. On top of that, it's changed my life from a financial perspective. All the things I wasn't able to do/buy beforehand because I was trying to be responsible I can do without a second thought. In short it's been a great move.

I have a personal policy where I take interviews no matter what. Keeps me sharp and you never know what might come through. Well something big came through last week that has me questioning what to do.

Another large tech firm reached out to me asking to interview for a position on their team. At first it sounded like a lateral move until they told me starting OTE is 180k-210k (60-40 split). I took the first interview and they want me to go to the next round.

I'm at a crossroads because usually I believe we should always act in our own self interest, but I'm questioning what that is. I'd certainly burn the bridge here if I leave right after my ramping period. Should I leave something that's been so great for me and risk the next spot not working out?

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