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To Meme or Not to Meme

I just started using Meme's in my cold outreach. And so far, my Meme Reply Email has been my most successful part of my Cadence. I get more replies by email (even the occasional phone call) from this Meme and it accounts for roughly 36% of all replies I receive. Out those 36%, only 2 replies have been negative and 0 people have opted out.

I know that I'm fairly new to sales, and these numbers are not crazy high, but not only have I been booking meetings with this Meme, I also landed my current Job because of it.

What Meme's are you trying out, and are they just as successful for you, as they are for me?

To Meme or Not to Meme
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WR Officer
Head of Growth
When I ran an SDR team we had an email we called "the hippo email" which took on a few forms, but always followed the same pattern.
It was the last email in a sequence. 
It had a meme style image in it. 
It was humorous. 
It asked for time one last time.

It was one of the best (if not the best) performing email we sent. Below is an example:

I've tried emailing a few times with no luck, so I assume one of a few things is going on:
1) You're interested but haven't had a chance to reply yet
2) You're not the right person to handle this
3) You're not interested
4) You're being chased by a hippo and need me to call for help!
<insert image of a hippo>
Please let me know if it's number 4 and I can call for help! 
Yeah, so this was a VERY polarizing email. I hated the email itself (no value, felt overplayed, very juvenile) but man... did I love the results. There was no difference in demo show rate for demos set with the hippo email vs. those set without. Nor a difference in qualified rate/close rate. 

So do what works for you. Send memes if they get you meetings. 
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CMO (Chief Meme Officer)
Everyone needs some humor amongst the monotony. While juvenile, it's a good way to show at least some engagement and maybe a good excuse to enter someone into a nurture cadence.
WR Officer
Account Development Representative
I remember this email. It was shown to me as an example of how humor works in cold outreach. Man I laughed when I saw the picture.

How long after your team started using this email did it stop having the designed affect? 
Account Manager / FSR
I like this ! If it works, it works. 
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Account Executive
Always meme man
Memes are playful and gets a load off
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