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SaaSsy closed a deal for $120k to the HR, Accounting & Finance departments

Snatched this deal from a huge competitor solely from their terrible customer service model because it wasn't big enough for them to pay attention to. It was a long sales cycle, but one of the easier wins because my team and I can communicate and follow through on promises.

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Isn't that one of the BEST feelings? Congrats on your win!
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Congrats! @SaaSsy, get that win!
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Congrats! @SaaSsy
Deal Story
cw95 closed a deal for $90k to the Accounting & Finance department
Started this VERY long process before Christmas, one of those ones where the guy on the other end isn't too switched on so had to get others on board such as the finance director to explain figures and...
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Deal Story
SaaSam closed Yukon Glory for $100k to the Accounting & Finance department
This deal took me 3 months to finally close with a lot of go between with the CEO and the CFO. Painfully constant requests for proof of this and that. Lots of back and forth on pricing until finally I ...
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happyhunter closed a deal for $33k to the IT, Accounting & Finance departments
This was my first big win at the CPM staffing firm I work at. Found a candidate laid off from Covid and was able to land him a job at a global consultancy with a $10k salary bump from his previous role...
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