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Salesperson butting heads with Marketing. (shocker)

Well team, it finally happened to me. I am now at a cordial disagreement with Marketing. I need to start by saying I genuinely love and appreciate our Marketing team and have never really had a disagreement with them up until this point.

I am creating a Salesflow sequence for the BDR team we are building to execute on. Only thing is, I have to send all email/voicemail templates to Marketing to make sure they sign off on the messaging. My gosh these people do not get sales. First off, short is sweet. You cannot send paragraphs in cold emails and expect anyone to read them, let alone respond. Secondly, I keep getting told I might be coming off "too aggressive" by having the team reach out everyday or every other day, depending on the client (ever heard of polite persistence?). Third, they want me to include attachments to the emails so clients can reference them. Common sense says no one opens an attachment from a total stranger reaching out to sell you something.

While I am far from your "pushy sales guy" and am a total team player, at what point do I say "I hear your point, but we are going to do it this way because ___" ??? I want to continue to be seen as someone that fits the culture of collaboration, but I also think I need to use my skills/talents to the best of my ability. Any advice would be appreciated.

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