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Anyone have a good OOO/PTO message to share?

I'm sick of the old "Thanks for your message, I'll be out from __ date, returning to the office __ date."

Savages, who's got an out of office message that's a little more modern and gets the appropriate message across? Like, hit me up on my cell only for emergencies, but otherwise back off while I'm out and I'll get back to you ASAP when I return.

Bonus points if you can get me something to use by EOD today... go!


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I typically tell people exactly what I'm doing.

"Hi, I'm in the woods for the next week. I will not have services, and frankly, that is kind of terrifying in this modern world. However, I will get back to you as soon as I emerge. If you need immediate help or assistance then contact [enter POC...maybe warn them first]."

That's what I used last time I went hiking on the AT. Got some humorous responses that I got to reply to when I got back to civilization.
Yes, it s way more personal to just say what you re doing.
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Fair enough - as you can see from what I just commented, I am the farthest from personal in mine. I’ll have to amend it a tad as I do like the hospitality it holds.
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I like this. Stealing it haha.Β 
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This is A1! I’m sure my clients would appreciate it but I’m sure I’d get a slap on the wrist from an uptight higher-up lol.Β 
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This isn't clever or funny, but my goal in my ooo messages was to not get called on my PTO so I experimented with a few ways to say it without saying that lol

In my old job you can change your internal message and external one, so I'd set my internal message to be "I am not in the office"Β  or "I'm at an event" and no other info. The people who may need me have my cell phone. It got a few laughs internally.Β 

For everyone + external and I want to get 0 calls to the cell phone, I always write "I am unexpectedly out of the office." before adding a cell. That way people think it's an emergency and leave me alone without me lying about a situation or making an off color excuse.Β 
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Coincidentally, I’m on my first day of PTO this year, today.Β 

This is what I have:


I will be out of the office Friday, 6/11 with limited availability to my email and phone. Should you have a time-sensitive issue, you can email mainofficeemail@company.comΒ or call the main office line at (855) xxx-xxxx. I will be returning to the office on Monday, 6/14 and will address all other affairs at that point.Β 

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On PTO and in the War Room. commitment!
What's your reply for the prospects, who want free advice and make you do lot of documentation, which eventually results into ghosting ?
What's a normal number of OOO bounce back emails?
You know those wonderful prospects that will answer the phone and accept a meeting? What if there was a way to share those for our fellow brethren who also have to outbound on similar titles?
I would...
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