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๐Ÿค” Bravado Business Model?

Reddit generates revenue via Ads and data.

StackOverFlow generates revenue via Ads with a B2B emphasis on targeted recruiting.

Really curious what is Bravado's business model/product vision?

As an AE, below are my current monthly recurring subscriptions not-expensed by my company:

  • RevCollective: $100
  • Personal Assistant (via Upwork): $100
  • Salves Nav: $80
  • Crystal Knows: $29
  • Stamps[dot]com: $20
  • Loom: $10

I'm truly inspired by Bravado's mission to elevate the image of *salesperson*.

I feel lucky to have stumbled upon the book "To Sell is Human" back in college (Major: Biomolecular Engg.) that piqued my curiosity about the profession. I was so shy that I used to hide under the bed when neighbors/relatives used to visit us. Introverted AF.

Then while in grad school (Biochemical Engineering - dropped out of PhD program), I got lucky again and interned as a BDR at a management consulting company under the CEO who's now my mentor.

He helped me see sales as an opportunity to practice servant leadership at work; while putting on different hats:

  • an educator (teach, tailor, take control),
  • a doctor (prescribing solution to a business problem)
  • a friend (life conversations with buyers/customers)

I have no data on how the 'Warm Intros' product is performing.

But as an enterprise seller, I would happily pay for the following:

  • Connect with fellow AEs who have sold to existing business units or the same customers to ask about what should I watch out for, contact related personality i.e. I'd be paying to shorten the time to research an account
  • A drag and drop AE sales profile page editor where I can
  • Organize my portfolio of customers
  • Testimonials
  • Have a contact form for prospective buyers, candidates to reach out
  • It'll need to have the UX/UI to make the deal size, logos, etc pop
  • Yes, one can do this via Squarespace using a template but it's the Bravado domain clout score / social proof that has the weight

That's just 2 features I'd pay for up to $10-30/month today. But we all know B2B revenue is better than B2B because of predictability and scale.

The hard truth is -- nothing is free in SaaS/B2B Tech. When looking for product-market fit, you're burning VC cash either to optimize for DAU:MAU growth or ARR.

And if the Board doesn't see the expected results after burning cash, the startup has to close shop.

๏ปฟ@sahil๏ปฟ - really curious what's the product vision? (referring to your recent post in LinkedIn where you may be putting on that AE hat at Bravado soon :)

PS: Coming from a place of love here and having no clue about your current platform usage metrics.

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Hey @fujidaleย - this is a really thoughtful post. Here's how I think about monetization at Bravado:

There are 2 kinds of monetization models. Ones that hamper growth / engagement. And ones that don't.

Advertising, paid subscriptions, etc tend to worsen the user experience or create barriers for people to join. I want Bravado to be the home for all sales professionals worldwide, and advertising is a shitty biz model.

The kind of monetization that I'm interested in is: the one where you make money, and we get a cut. The benefit of this type of monetization is that it has economies of scale. The more money you make, the happier you are. The more money you make, the more we make. But if you don't make money, we don't either. So it ALIGNS our interests and perspectives.

Re: AE hat - you'll need to stay tuned on that front. But we are building something badass. Something that will hopefully disrupt a part of sales that I've been fascinated by for years.ย 

coming soon...
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I've been very curious about this too. Heck, I'd pay just to continue the community here. There is real authenticity here that LI just can't get.
Amen! First day on the platform for me and the quality is just awesome!
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