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Do Tattoos and Dyed hair affect sales?

Would love to see how many of us are inked in the new age of sales

or if you think it negatively impacts a sales person

Comment if or how many you have

Does having tattoos negatively impact sales
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I think it all depends on what you're selling and who you're selling to. If you're selling to younger folks or people in engineering, it's not likely to make an impact. However, if you're selling to the CFO of a F500 company and roll in with full sleeves and a blue mohawk, you might not be respected as much.Β 

I'd be curious to hear from savages with dyed hair or visible tattoos though, all mine are coverable by a t shirt.
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If anybody has sold to a Fortune 500 company while rocking a blue mohawk, please share that story.
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Agreed - totally depends on the industry and prospect themselves. Also depends on how "extreme" you look. There's a big difference between someone having a few purple streaks in their hair vs full on lime green mohawk, or a small flower tattoo on their wrist vs full sleeve full of skulls and naked ladies.
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I keep all my ink inside the lines of a t-shirt, so things will have to get pretty weird for my ink to affect the deal. However, I have had VPs with full sleeves that have never had an issue with prospects taking them seriously.

That said, I think more traditional companies are wary of hiring those with body modifications or unnatural hair. I wouldn't want to work for them, but there are plenty that get turned away due to "culture fits". I guess full-blown rage problems are fine so long as you can wear a suit, but a little ink on the 'ole arm is a no-go.
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It shouldnt, but of course i am sure it does. Im tattooed but never below the sleeve lines cause i dont want to deal with it if it is still a stigma. Depeneing on the generation of the interviewer/hiring person it is still a thing i think
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Greatly depends on where the tattoos are and what they are of...likewise the hair color and style...and MOSTLY depends on the person you're talking to, which is hard to pin down sometime. People over 40 (stereotypically) are usually more opinionated about stuff like that, even more so 50+. Just the reality.Β 
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So I think this is a yes and no answer. First impressions are critical and if there is anything the potential customer doesn't like it can be hard to get over. At the same time you can get past that, depending on who you are working with.
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Depends on the client. I have a client who owns an electrical firm and she's tatted af - neck, hands and all. Does like 20M a year. Her tattooist actually trained under my tattooist lol

Another big pharma would probably not appreciate seeing my ink whatsoever. If we were in a casual setting, they wouldn't care. But in a business environment, they have a corporate image they want to project.Β 

My tats can *mostly* be covered - the full sleeves go a bit lower than my wrists. Unless I'm wearing gloves, you're gonna see them peek out. TBH if you don't make it a big deal, no one else will either. Just don't flaunt them and act professional.Β 

I would not dye my hair anything loud. Same with piercings. Those just scream immaturity, and it's not a good look. I stick with black. Much easier.Β 

*caveat - if certain hairstyles and/or piercings are part of your ethnic culture, then I wouldn't change for the one client who doesn't understand the context.Β 
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Big boomer energy on this one. I'm selling a product, not a date. If people have issues with tattoos, hair etc, that is a personal issue they need to work on themselves.Β 
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No unless your going face to face selling but cold calling you do you. When you do get a big potential customer I would just look professional.
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