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Fam, quick question: What would be the best advice you would give to someone brand new in world of Sales?

Well, I've just graduated a year back, I struggle keeping my numbers and self-worth separate oh not to mention the lack of appreciation here is killing me as a forever A grad student.. Any advices?

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Remember nothing is personal. If someone, ok WHEN someone is short with you (or nasty) let it roll. They are more than likely going through shit you know nothing about. Your skin will get thicker I promise.
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In hopes to develop the mental strength to let it go soon, thank you for that! 
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Create mental boxes

In one, put your job stuff

In the other(s), put your life stuff

Don't let the boxes get mixed up

If they are getting mixed up, practice a mentality of focusing only on superior inputs. And when things get tough, inputs period. 

If you can 1) create a process and 2) stick to the process religiously, then you will have results

The wins will get you the praise you want, and if it doesn't, the paycheck will make up for it. 

Process, inputs, boxes. 
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Process. Inputs. Boxes. Paychecks! Got it! That was super helpful, thank you!!

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Don't take it so personally. Everyone in sales is a failure in some way, but we make up for it with fat checks and alcohol.
Remember that everyone out there is winging it just like you. The more relaxed you are (or appear to be) the luckier you'll get!
Persistence is key. Unless you get a solid NO you are still game. Just be patient and be confident of the value you are bringing for the customer. You are not just selling for the sake of it, whatever company you joined you joined for a reason only known to you and you believe in the value it can bring to other companies/people so if you believe in that in your core you wouldn't have a problem sending 18 follow ups 
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Remain level. You can celebrate the wins and closes when they happen - in fact, you should! But don't get caught up in making a sale, feeling high on yourself and letting activity and effort drop off for a while. Same goes for the lows. You will have shitty days where you feel like quitting on the spot but the good news is that shitty times don't last forever and tomorrow is a chance to start fresh.
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Self-betterment is key for the long-term game. What's working today might not be effective next quarter - Keep your game up to speed by becoming a lifelong learner. 
Get used to rejections, and be patient. If it's not an explicit "No" you have a shot just follow up.

Stats show that by the 5th follow up you chances of getting a response goes up to 80%. 
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embrace the suck.
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Some advice that stuck with me is this: you won’t always be motivated, but you can always be disciplined.

We are all humans and we will have days where it’s hard to get out of bed, motivate yourself to dial, call your prospects, do a demo at 100%. But you have to just make yourself do it.

it’s like going to the gym- sometimes you have to force yourself through discipline, tell yourself there is no other option.

all that said, be sure to take time off and take your down time seriously! Set boundaries so that you have sufficient work-life balance. At the end of the day, we work to live and we’ve chosen a career that can give us so much financial freedom to live if we stick with it!  
My company is acquiring Another company. Any advice going through a merger in sales?
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What's the BEST SALES ADVICE you will give to anyone starting his/her sales career now?
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