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Feedback on a side hustle as an SDR?

Hey everyone, I'm looking at the potential to start a side hustle as an SDR.

I live in a hacker house and because of that i'm exposed to a lot of early stage founders who have their products but haven't yet acquired their first customer. A lot of the times it's just the founder and a small team of Devs.

I've been consulting and helping a few friends with their startups on finding a list of customers for them and building out a small sales campaign which they can test the waters in.

I was thinking of just doing some one off monthly retainer gigs where I help them build out their sales process including:

  • Sales messaging
  • Outbound scripts
  • Email scripts
  • List of target prospects
  • Outbound sales campaign building and initial hand-holding for launch.

We've also got a coworking office at my house too, and I would dedicate a few hours in an afternoon to help the prospect and get them on their feet, maybe once a week for the month.

I've got all the software/tools I need thanks to work.

I'm thinking of charging circa 800 USD? Putting in a no meeting no payment clause?

Is this something that a founder looking to acquire his first customer would pay for? I've got a good network of potential clients I could work with.

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Eventually all these founders will need to sell something. You may be able to build yourself a nice little consulting gig. However, it sounds like you plan on using your employers resources which could present issues. If you see this as an opportunity with potential, invest in the software and equipment you need and own it yourself.Β 
Account Executive
Best of luck with it & the hustle. SDR's are no joke. They are the hardest working people in any sales org with the smallest return. It usually takes 1-2 months to get used to a companies product / sales process and talk track. To chop and change regularly will be taxing AF. Even outsourcers have dedicated reps to accounts. Best of luck! Hope you make bank!
Inside Sales Lead
The best thing about an SDR is the phone game. Not that I am speaking from the experience of an AE, but I have heard and seen it in my office, AEs aren't always the best in the phone game. Door to door is the target for most AEs.

Skilling up on the phone and getting creative with people you don't see face to face will only help the other side of the track.Β 
Call me what you want, just sign the damn contract
This sounds like a really smart idea. This is absolutely something people might pay for, especially true technical founders who care about the product way more than selling it. You identified a great opportunity, seize it.

One thing to note- your work contract almost certainly has something about not using company tools to do third party work. If you use their tools, it is very likely they could seize anything you build out including money.
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Do you have a side hustle?
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