Let's talk about your WORST Sales Manager... I'll start...

First off, I am SO PUMPED that this topic hasn't been brought up yet, can't wait to read about my fellow savages' WORST EVER Sales Manager, mine was an older gal (70's) named Tana.

It was my first gig as an AE for a local TV station and the year was 2011. She gave me a series of DVD's from 1998 on how to sell TV advertising to various industries and once I was through the DVD's she sent me out and said, "Now go bring us money"

Mind you our "TV Station" was the red-headed step-child of the city and we didn't even have Nielson Ratings so the job of selling ad space was nearly impossible, but after each day of excruciating prospecting I would walk back through the office door and immediately she would ask, "How many checks did you bring us today?" (like, not even joking)

Needless to say it didn't work out, but the dumbasses gave me 30 days to improve my sales and fired me after 14, which I then turned into 4 months of UI, thanks bitches!

Your turn, let's hear about your WORST sales manager, anyone got me beat? There has to be someone worse than her... annnnnnd GO!

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An absolute dinosaur at a tech company. He wanted us to do things like they used to do in the early 2000s. The data even said his tactics weren't working, but we still had to do it
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My first sales manager would sit on the floor with us and if you sat next to him would talk your ear off about sports/his love life/whatever he felt like... needless to say it was hard to make a lot of calls when you sat next to him. He then pulled me aside after my first day sitting next to him (nobody warned me) and he asked my why my call numbers were down. This would've been cool (sort of), if his style wasn't to call you out in front of the entire sales team and shame you... maybe not the worst, but I really hate people who have no self awareness!
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Oh boy, I've had 6 sales jobs and the 2 worst managers were equally bad.ย 
MGR 1 - was admittedly bipolar, would get yelled at by the CEO and disappear into a room for hours to cry, then would come out all proud chest in the air and say to hit the phones to drum up business, followed by a few more episodes of outbreaks and then ask us the next day why we didn't generate anything.
MGR 2- I wanted to like her as a MGR and she started out great but she wasn't able to manage more than 2 people on a team of 11 and was placed on a PIP by our senior director and then turned into a tyrant dictator and would walk around at 9 am asking why it wasn't louder and we weren't on the phones more...
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I've been pretty lucky so far, but have had one director that was the reason I left my job. Tried his hardest to embarrass people in front of others by yelling at them and not giving them a chance to respond. He worked in a different office but have had him scream at me on the phone so bad that the other office called in to check in on us to make sure we were ok. extremely volatile. yell at you one second and then want to grab a beer or a round of golf the next. got into management to foster good reps and hopefully good leaders and also so that my reps would never have leadership like that.
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My worst sales manager I worked for from 2010-2012 and I was an account manager at the time. ย He could never grasp the idea of helping a customer and always focused on sales only. ย I would ask for help when a customer was having service related issues and his answer was โ€œgo sell somethingโ€ LOL. ย I wanted to shake him and say listen fuckface, if you donโ€™t help me and these other customers they wonโ€™t be signing anymore contracts with us. ย It was such a foreign concept to him, taking care of the customer. ย Total dick to say the least. ย He would also leave at 3pm everyday then call our desks at 5 to see who was still there and constantly remind us that we โ€œdonโ€™t work bankers hoursโ€. ย The icing on the cake was on a few occasions he would have his laptop up and you would see a word doc opened at the bottom titled โ€œresumeโ€. ย Such a dumbass. ย I eventually had to resign because it was a toxic work environment. ย The SVP called me after I turned my resignation in, offered a raise, a stay bonus and a transfer to another team. ย I happily took that and moved on. ย It was truly awful working for someone who was not a true leader.

Tell me about the shittiest sales manager you ever had.


If you could go back in time and tell yourself one thing before starting your sales career, what would it be?