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New Offer- What're you negotiating?!

Hey Savages-

There are a few older threads on this topic- but needed to get some fresh perspective and some different questions answered.

For Context:

This ol' dog did the dirty and got himself another offer after a lengthy tenure 7+ years. Primary reasons for leaving were #1 comp, been promoted internally a few times and know for a fact I'm not being paid the same as outside hires. #2 PE acquired us, no more equity- new leadership that sucks, more micromanagement, shittier comp plans overall more misery. #3 Lost my spark and excitement to grind.

Anyways- New offer is actually pretty good, I'm happy with it as it's sizeable increase from current OTE. I know that I have to negotiate- but looking for advice from folks who've done it and or recently- how do you approach it, how much more do you ask for? The arbitrary number I had in my head was 15k higher but I'm also comparing that to a few people I know in similar roles but have a lot more expereince than I do.

Might be some noob questions but It's been awhile since I've been in this position...

1.Do you start your asks with the recruiter or hiring manager?

2.Negotiations should include: Equity, OTE, non-recoverable draw, Is there anything else I should be thinking about?

3.If you get a pretty great offer- how much more do you ask for and how do you position it if they likely know its already higher than your previous OTE?

4.The recruiter talked me through the numbers and now is pushing to agree on a start date so she can send an official offer- That doesn't impact my ability to negotiate does it?

Thanks Savages!

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I would recommend to look at a % wise increase in total package (OTE or OTE + stock). I know for myself that I would not move for anything less than 30% increase because I do have the grind, spark and promotion paths in my current job. you can discount if you have lost that or you have a different lifestyle.ย 

1. give your ask to both. if the recruiter instantly says no, then you know how flexible they can be. definitely with the hiring manager.
2. Stock, company car, promotion path
3. You know your worth. you have 7+ years under your belt, you have a ton of experience. if you're jobless, then they know that it's not a must for you, but a step up. if they're willing to invest, they will.
4. sounds like the end of the recruitment phase. recruiters will always push as for them it's a closed won. you know what sales is like, timelines are often faked or put up to put pressure on you.ย 

in the end it should be a good fit in many aspects, if the OTE is nice but the rest is all poor then it might not be a good fit after all.ย 
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A VERY PERFECT explaination hereOverall fit assessment is key๐Ÿ’ฏโœ…
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If she is sending you a start date you need to let her know you want to negotiate. Recruiters want to get you hired, but they are also looking out for the company hiring you
Look I tried having them offer me at the start in both recent offers and I didn't like them both they actually bith offered me the same package which makes me suspect that they have a target vs what you divulge.ย 

I have a colleague who asked for double what he is getting upfront and it worked for him.ย 

Bear in mind im speaking being in Egypt where Glassdoor is not helpful and doesn't give you nor the recruiter (especially if they are not egyptian) information. So there is a lot of room to negotiate.
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Those are all good levers to pull on for negotiation. The only other one I would pull on is a sign on bonus. I got this along with a non-recoverable draw once and I thought I was the man. 5 years later I am making double at another place. Play the game baby! The man don't care about you, don't care about the man.
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