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SDR Advice: I'm syncing better with my Younger AE's than Older ones, how can I bridge this gap?

Hi everyone,

I report to two AE's right now, one for Mid-Market and one for Enterprise.

Our Mid-Market AE is circa early 30's, where our Enterprise is in his 50's.

I feel that it's easier for me to sync and collaborate with the younger AE as she's a little more proactive and up to date on certain prospecting skills such as social selling on linkedin. She takes the initiative to help me where I am lacking in skillset.

Whereas with the enterprise Rep, I can sometime feel intimidated knowing he has 25+ years experience in the industry, and it compounds when I'm bringing in good pipe for the mid-market but not so much in the enterprise.

Does anyone have any good advice on syncing with an older AE? Or has this got less to do with age and more to do with the individual?

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In my experience, itโ€™s more about the individual than age, and it also might be the market segment.ย 

In your case, Iโ€™d be upfront and ask: โ€œhey enterprise AE, Iโ€™m getting more traction on my mid market accounts and want to be sure Iโ€™m getting you enough opps. Can you help meย figure out where Iโ€™m going wrong with our accounts or test out some new strategies with me?โ€
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^ this for sure. Use their knowledge/ask them for advice. It'll help you and soften the beaches because everyone loves a good ego stroke.ย 
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You said it yourself. You are getting in your own way here. There is nothing to be intimidated about.

He is a normal person, just like you, and just like the other AE. Once you realize that, take a breath, and treat him the same. You will have a relationship with him too as soon as you take him off the pedestal ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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It definitely comes down to the age, but sometimes with the "grizzled vets" they are doing their own thing and are happy to talk about it and strategize. That being said, not everyone will go looking to share information and be in the supportive role without you engaging them first.ย 

You might be thinking its hard to engage with them and they might be thinking they don't want to be overbearing and pushy. Taking the approach dnc_caller mentions could be a great way to get over this invisible barrier.
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This sounds like a bring value thing to me. You'll establish a good relationship when you help him build some pipeline. Until then, he probably doesn't see a ton of need to talk.
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I had to read for details on what is considered "old." Me being in my 30s, i've been called old by the "circa" 20s crowd. lol.ย 

I've also had some AEs who are in their 50s. I feel it's down to the individual.

Some are savvy, some are not. For those who are not so savvy, I say PHONE CALL if you can? They seem to value that, unless they told you do not call.

To be honest, when I first sync with an AE, I try to have a meet-n-greet (whether formal/informal or just asking questions on their expectations, work style, communication, etc.). They can tell you all you need to know with either a first 30 minute sync or a few of them. I would suggest asking that initially. I normally send out a slack or email and tell them about what I like to do, what they expect, and if we could chat in regards to this. I seem to get a conversation going, whether email/slack or phone.ย 

I love establishing a baseline to gauge what I'm working with.
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