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Weekly Leaderboard Winners (6/6 - 6/12)

According to unofficial records from the leaderboard historical society, this was the closest finish in the Top 3 of ALL-TIME!!!

1. @InQ5WeTrust ..........560 points

2. @CuriousFox .........556 points

3. @braintank .............538 points

Only 22 points separated first place from thirst place and only 4 points separated the top two finishers, but it was @InQ5WeTrust who came out on top with the victory. Sure winning by 100 points would've been nice and dominant, but there's nothing like winning by a nose for the simple reason that your competition was THAT close. So close that they're still seething about the defeat while you celebrate by ordering $50 worth of bbq that you eat off your own body like the golden god that you are. We tip our cap to you @InQ5WeTrust and may your days be even more blessed yet.

In 2nd place we have the @CuriousFox who happened to be the only one to congratulate me on my marriage. Did this grant her favorable War Room points on the leaderboard? No. Did it make me feel warm and fuzzy inside and run to the other room to tell MY WIFE that THE @CuriousFox just congratulated us on our lifelong partnership? You bet your sweet behinds. Stay classy, Foxy.

Finally in 3rd place we have a tank full of brains aptly named @braintank. The amount of knowledge stored in this sturdy container is at least 3X the amount of knowledge within a regular human skull. Of course, having a tank full of brains instead of a human face can be a little off-putting in the regular world, but for the War Room people think it's just a metaphor so it works amazingly as you can all see by this 3rd place finish. Finally, that science experiment is paying off one online $10 gift card at a time.

Peace and love y'all. And Go C's.

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Senior Account Executive
I'm a fan of love. Congrats again bbk. ‼🐈‼
Head of Sales
So close, yet so far. But I have to say congrats y'all!
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