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What are some good questions to ask at a sales interview? ๐Ÿค

I have an AE interview next week.. Iโ€™m looking for some wow questions to impress my interviewer.. ๐Ÿค“

Some questions I used before/found online..

  • What does your most successful rep do that the other reps don't
  • How does x differentiate itself from its competitors
  • What percentage of leads convert / what percentage of your business comes from leads versus prospecting
  • ...

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This one isnโ€™t sales specific but rather for any job interview. At the end of an interview I like to ask a question along the lines of โ€œIs there anything that makes you doubt Iโ€™d be the best fit for the position?โ€. It gives you a chance to address any concerns they might have head on. For example: maybe they misunderstood an answer you gave and suddenly you have the chance to clarify. Iโ€™ve had really good results with this question.ย 
that's new and solid advice.ย 
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- What percentage of your reps meet quota? If a significant percentage of them fail to meet quota, or if the interviewer isn't willing to give at least some broad numbers, run far far away (or at least insist on a much higher base salary)

- What roles have the last few AEs move onto? If everyone moved on by leaving the company, I'd want some solid explanation on why this was - losing talent is incredibly painful for a company, so if they keep letting them slip through their fingers, there's something wrong.

- What processes and tech have you implemented to support your sales team going remote? Bonus points if they were always remote or prepared to be fully remote before March 2020.

- If they have a separate SDR function, then be sure to ask about how that SDR-AE relationship is. For instance, you'll want to know if it's a pod relationship (in which case it'll typically be an SDR-AE-CSM pod) or maybe a round-robin.ย 

A good question is what the different responsibilities of an SDR and AE are - a clearer delineation in those roles typically (although not always) means that the sales org is more mature.

Good luck!
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how many reps are hitting targets and how many hit quota last year Average sale cycle and deal size How much of my own pipeline am I responsible for (inbound vs outbound) Churn rate what sales enablement content do you provide whatโ€™s the typical career progression to the next role how would you describe the culture why should I want to work here What brought you to the company and has kept you here what attracted you about my resume/ what concerns do you have Current tech stack: CRM, sales engagement tool, prospecting tool What was the last tool you bought your team when and why What are you looking for in a candidate for this role What is holding you back from making me the offer (let them answer) can I do anything to help address this Always close the deal and ask for a next step(next meeting or when you should hear back) what is stopping them from offering you the job now Why was a previous rep unsuccessful in this role and how were you able to correct their process to help them to be successful Can you give some specific examples of promoting within (hopefully they are still at the company) How do you support professional development (books, conferences, trainings) Can you walk me through the training and onboarding for this position What outside the job description does it take to succeed here How did this position become available? (rep leave, get fired, promoted or company is just growing) What is the achievement between top and average reps What strengths do you see that I can bring to the company Whatโ€™s the number 1 thing you would suggest for someone to be successful when starting in this role How have people that have worked for you fulfilled what they loved to do?ย  Also - what are examples of salespeople that have been successful and why.ย  Also what was your relationship with a person that was maybe struggling?ย  What did that look like? Tell me about your favorite boss. Why did you like them? How did they challenge you? Gives insight into what they value How many reps have you promoted internally in the last year? How many reps did you let go in the last year? How many managers? What's the average tenure of reps at your company? And for managers?
how do you get promoted in the company?
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I would ask what is the competitive advantage of the product / solution compared to other offerings in the market, from their perspective.
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