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What's the coolest/craziest/most unqiue/ most out there thing you've ever done to close a deal?

I had a prospect who was taking his CEO to a football game and one of the points was to discuss our offering.

We put together a mini goodie bag for him.

Each of them received

  • a Jersey (for their teams)
  • Small bottle of booze (for the pregame)
  • Tylenol (for the post game hangover)
  • Mini Football
  • Vitamin C (for immunity)

The Deal was signed 3 weeks after that game!

🏰 War Stories
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πŸ“ˆ Closing
In my first year in B2B sales, I was selling a tech platform to mid size companies. I live in Northern California and covered the entire state. It was the last day of the quarter and I needed to get one more deal to hit a stretch goal, and I was traveling in Southern California doing face to face meetings.
Our contract already went through procurement, legal had signed off, and the Docusign was sitting in the CFO's inbox. I called, emailed, even texted him the past three days to get him to sign the Doc. He finally replied to me the morning of the 31st that he "had too packed of a day and won't be able to sign the document until next week." Of course.
So what did I do? I called my Champion and asked if the CFO was working in the office that day. I drove to their office around 11:30am. Maybe he would take a lunch break and I could grab his attention. No luck. So I ended up waiting in their parking lot until 7:30pm that night with a paper copy of the agreement. Him and I had rapport. We had spoke and negotiated a bit during the process. He had already approved pricing, and his legal team had already signed off on the language for. All he needed to do was sign it.
He comes out, sees me standing in the parking lot. Chat for 4-5 minutes until he caves and signs off on the doc in pen. Get it uploaded into Docusign and countersigned and we were on our way.

Far from the biggest deal in my career, but one of those that i will never forget. Share your awesome story below!
WR Officer
Needer of Life Alert
I was trying to get a big physician clinic to write the new cherry hydrocodone cough syrup I was repping at the time. They were difficult to change so I had to stand out somehow.

My idea? I came in an hour and a half before their office opened to set up a Belgian waffle station, complete with cherry reduction sauce and whipped cream. I stood there in my white fitted suit and high heels, made and served the entire team waffles, and had a face to face discussion with every provider in the clinic.Β 

One of the best ideas I've ever had, and it was simple.
Good Citizen
VP of Business Development
Damn, I'm missing out. Some of these other industries are wild. Even before COVID I hardly ever had an in-person meeting.Β 
What is the craziest thing you did to close a deal?
WHERE is the craziest place you ever closed a deal?
What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to close a deal?