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When a lead answers the phone for the first time in history only to scream at me to stop calling my first reaction is to laugh really loud. I don't even think about it.

I consider myself a courteous cold caller. I never call a number twice in one day, I rarely call 2 days in a row, avoid leaving more than one voicemail per week if that.

That being said, when someone finally does answer and are immediately hostile it's almost like I'm being tickled and can't hold back the loud laugh. Personally I find it ridiculous that someone would answer a phone screaming when we have never spoken and it's not like I've blown up their phone, a simple not interested would suffice.

I think my laughing is a way to piss them off before I mark DNC...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I promptly hang up on them after the laugh so it's all they hear.

πŸ“ž Cold Calling
I've won people over that acted like that, by reengaging with them later on and making sure I did more homework to increase my chances of a win.Β 

Chances are they will forget about you after 3-4 weeks or less.Β 
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I have a wyoming number so chances are they'll remember as it was likely the only phone call they ever got from Wyoming.
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There's nothing in Wyoming so sounds about right
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Laughing is what I end up doing too. Sometimes it helps in a strange way, like they respect that you took the yelling and didn't cry. It's easy to forget, but there are so many spam and fraud calls that people get now days. It doesn't matter if it's literally you or not, you are the same as the rest to them and sometimes they've just had enough. I'm glad you laugh lol, you can't let it hurt your feelings for sure.
Haha, well I understand the feeling. But still, doesn’t it burn bridges for you and your company?
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Chances are good that they'll remember me because I have a Wyoming number but will more than likely forget or never even pay attention to what company I'm from
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If they start screaming at me and hang up the phone I often call them back being very polite on the phone trying to have a normal conversation anyway
What do you do when someone preaches to the world they are a good cold caller but you know they are lying?
Truth time: do you have those days where a legit prospect picks up a call and you hang up when they answer ?