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🚨 Alert: immediate review of all AEs please respond 🚨 what info would you like on prospects or would you like to know how to find?

Hi all AEs /RVPs

I am doing a company presentation on β€œsleuthing on prospects”. What information do you currently look for or would want to learn on companies or individuals that you are prospecting / meeting . The project is due relatively soon so the more people that respond the better for me so I can make sure my project is giving valuable tips and tricks. If you work in SaaS or with clients in the Financial industry please let me know in your comment because that is the target market of this presentation.

I am an SDR . At my company they put heavy importance on QUALITY leads over Quantity. Because the client base we sell to for SaaS is a finite amount we really have to make sure that our prospecting is information based and our AEs are well informed before they walk into meetings. Besides BANT - what information do you like to know. Is there anything you, as an AE, would love to know .

also fellow SDRs if you have any prospecting information gathering tips feel free to share !

πŸ”Ž Prospecting
☁️ Software Tech
πŸ’΅ Finance
WR Officer
Senior Account Executive
Description and size

R&D - what's in their pipeline

Mergers & AcquisitionsΒ 

WR Officer
Senior Account Executive
How was your presentation?
Sales operations for SaaS Corp
It’s went really well… so well that I’ve moved into more of a research and reporting role for the sales operations team ! So I think they liked the presentation and saw potential
Account Executive
I sell SaaS to the financial industry too so I feel you! I look at job ads posted by the company in roles of the business unit I target to find what technology they already use. The latest direction of the company on the about us page of the website (helps frame the pitch). Any inside information we got in a conversation. Past opportunities with this company won or lost are important too. If someone at our company knows someone at theirs (uber-important in this industry). Who the participants of the meeting will be and their role at the company, how long they have been at the company. This is on top of my head.Β 
BDR Manager
What does the business do? How do they make money?Β 

What does the contact do for the business? How do they manage their day?Β 

Assumptive pains or specific points of interest based off your discovery and what "they say" in the moment.Β 
Chief Revenue Officer
at our company, we call these "triggers" and what I've found is that each company/industry/product suite may have different triggers.Β  Triggers can include firmographic, technographic and intent data - also things that can be tracked from publicly available sources like hiring/growth, funding, software/technology initiatives.Β Β 
What's your reply for the prospects, who want free advice and make you do lot of documentation, which eventually results into ghosting ?
How many reach outs (email, call, LinkedIn, etc.) with no response does it take for you to take that prospect off your list?
You know those wonderful prospects that will answer the phone and accept a meeting? What if there was a way to share those for our fellow brethren who also have to outbound on similar titles?
I would...
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