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Best Response from a Cold Call Prospect

Whether we're there now or were there ten years ago, we probably all ate shit and cold called.

What were some of the golden responses?

I once had an SDR across the room get a five minute voicemail of a guy screaming that, "No matter how many times I tell you I'm not interested every other month I get a call from my new technology specialist or whatever, and I tell you I would rather suck a fat fucking dick than buy another ****".

(If you have Corporate on Instagram, you might have seen this voicemail)

I once got an email response from a prospect after I asked when would be a better time to talk, "Probably when you get a response that this email is no longer registered at the domain".

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WR Officer
that's queen coups to u
I always like the ones where the prospect answers the phone like they're someone else and tells you that person isn't in today/isn't available. They must really believe we're stupid.
Account executive
Early in my career when I first started cold calling someone answered and I asked "How are you today?" "I feel like a bag of dicks being stepped on."ย 

Or called someone that was waiting for their Plumber to call them and let them know the toilet was fixed and the first thing they said was "Is the shitter back up and running?"

Also, the ones when you call someone and learn they are deceased are always rememberable.ย 
Fire Starter
Enterprise Account Manager
There's always the absolute savage move of responding, "I'm so sorry to hear that, we were discussing some things recently but I hadn't heard. Who should I make sure is aware of our conversation regarding XYZ?"
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