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Cold calling tips that I wouldn't dare put on LinkedIn.

First off, you must be brain dead if you think cold calling is dead. That shit is nonsense because calling a prospect is the absolute FASTEST way to DISqualify them... yeah, i said it... DISQUALIFY THEM. That should be your purpose on every call.... Here are some other tips for savages who are just starting out:

1.) They can't reach through the phone and choke you so FUCK THEM. They aren't going to hurt you, the worst they can do is hang up.

2.) Get a better attitude, if they DO hang up, FUCKEM. plenty of fish in the sea.

3.) If they sound annoyed CALL THEM OUT. "You sound annoyed, do you get a lot of sales calls or what?"

4.) If they tell you that you've called at an inconvenient time (like lunch or dinner) then USE THAT TO SCHEDULE A FUCKING MEETING... literally ASK THEM if they have their calendar and set the date, send the invite.

5.) Make your calls on SPEAKER PHONE. (I call this "big-timing" the prospect, and it's a fucking power move that makes YOU feel like the BOSS THAT YOU REALLY ARE.

The summary of this is this: You won't know if that decision maker on LinkedIn will buy from you until you ask them, so PICK UP THE FUCKING phone and CALL THOSE MF'ers... Call them whenever YOU feel like it... research them before so you don't sound like an idiot but once you're confident that you have a reason to call the only thing you have to do is GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY AND FUCKING MAKE THAT CALL.

End rant... Anything I missed? Happy dialing SAVAGES!!!! -TRPD

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Biggest issue with hating cold calling is people setting their bar at one call closes being the bar for success.

If you set the bar at gaining a piece of insight that gives you insight on their buying window, you just built pipeline (that is, if you set yourself a reminder).

People who hate cold calling just haven’t defined success before going in.
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Account Manager
Agreed, anything that moves the account forward is a success in my book.
Pricing Executive
I agree 100%, what I must agree with is putting your phone on speaker. There is something about having it on your desk on speaker whilst you get on with other tasks, when the pick up it does certainly give you a sense of dominance. like it.Β 
Key account manager
I like the savageness here, going to try "big timing" prospects more often, its logical that it is a great tool when you think about itΒ 

Agree except for nr3. Oh and why speaker phone?
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Great post, said what most cold callers are thinking. There is no reason to be afraid of a stranger that AT MOST can only hang up the phone on you. Get to yes or no as fast as possible.Β 
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