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Do I confront my boss?

Question pretty much sums it up. Some background: My boss used to be an enterprise rep and has been recently promoted to management for the first time. He's been extremely flaky on 1on1s, deal reviews, and impossible to reach for questions.

One of my teammates had to call him 6 times one day to get an answer on an important billing issue with a customer.

Last week, he asked me to put time on his calendar to go over my independent growth plan for the year (as in, what I want to accomplish, how much I want to sell, yadda yadda yadda). So the morning of, he accepts the call about an hour prior, and when the time comes he doesn't show.

10 minutes go by... nothing, so I ping him and ask him if he's going to make it or if I should reschedule? Another 10 minutes go by.. so I reschedule the meeting for later in the week.

Hours later, he pings me and says that he had to pick up his son from camp last minute and that he forgot to bring his phone, which is a "first for him". Based on past history with him, and his response, this is utter bullshit.

In my eyes, he's clearly looking for another job or interviewing for one. I don't care if he's looking since I'd rather not have to deal with him anymore, but is it worth confronting him on this? I'm currently closing the most business on his team and he barely shows me, or his team, any respect.

All I ask is that if he is leaving, to not waste my time. Is this a fair ask / strategy? Or should I just suck it up and wait for him to inevitably leave?

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