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How can you spot a shitty or an average company? (when looking for a job)

Hi everyone, I’m on the job hunt, and carefully selecting my next step to avoid moving into a shitty company (which I previously did despite thorough research)

Wondered if anyone has any tips about how you select a really good company (and PRODUCT!) especially when it’s an industry you don’t know. 

Currently, this is what I’m doing: 

1- To check the company: 

  • Glassdoor (especially by region and most recent)
  • RepVue for sales ratings 
  • checking the company’s founders, senior executives and salespeople on Linkedin 
  • Crunchbase for funding information 

2- To check product-market fit (for tech companies):  

  • G2’s comparison grid, in their product category
  • Gartner’s magic quadrant, if available
  • Forrester Wave Report, if available 

Anything else that I’m missing? or anything else that you guys are doing?

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