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How do y'all stick with a company for years together?

I see a bunch of threads around motivation. I've been struggling with it for the last few days. I've absolutely killed every month (monthly quota) since last January and now it's getting a little stale. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bragging and I love the money, of course.

I feel like the sale isn't challenging anymore now. My company is good, great PMF, hot tech right now, great manager, good culture. I've still been drawn to looking at other jobs in the market.

Just closed a deal and I'm at 80% of my monthly quota, ain't making me happy no more. Atleast, not enough.

Have y'all been through this kinda slump before and if yes, how did you overcome it?

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Being in a perceivably great situation doesn't mean it's going to fill your cup.ย 

The biggest sales year of my life, I was basically servicing inbounds due to my relationships, was receiving mid five-figure equity grants, and barely had to work 30 hours a week.

For some reason, I wasn't happy. How could I be pissed off about raking in cash?

After spending time reflecting, I realized that the lack of challenge, waning belief in the mission, and frustration with personalities in leadership made each day feel crappy despite the growth of my bank account.

When I finally made a move, I learned and grew my network more in the next 6mo than the previous 3 years combined. Way happier now.

Generally, people spend 1/3 of their weekdays working, 1/3 sleeping, and 1/3 everything else. Money is a consequence of effort and there are many ways to generate it. If you don't feel satisfied in how you're spending a 1/3 of your time - you owe it to yourself to keep searching for what you believe in.
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This is so good, thanks @Money. I guess I'm looking for something more satisfying at a level where money isn't involved at all. I also sometimes feel like I'm just looking for reasons to look at different jobs cuz maybe I'm just bored of shit here. Either way, Imma keep my eyes and ears open for something that's exciting while I'm not making any hasty decisions too.
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