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How to effectively respond to notice that a client has proceeded with another solution

What's up sales savages.

Received notice today that a prospect is going with an alternate solution from what we have recommended for them.

We know it's the wrong decision for their business; how do you respond to emails like this?

Let'm sink and fail, then tell em that you told them so after they realize it. Or go straight savage and tell them they are making the wrong decision now?

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This is more my style, not sure if this would work for everyone, but it would look something along the lines of this framework:

Appreciate your time/consideration
XYZ competitor is a good company
What we have heard is some XYZ customers struggling with ABC problem(s) (something within your company's capabilities)
Hope it works out, but if you run into similar roadblocks, feel free to reach back out to me. We would love to help you out!
Call me what you want, just sign the damn contract
I always try to set up a call and understand why they made the decision and then map it out from there. I see no problem, if it makes sense, to say "Hey, I'm worried about this decision for you for X, Y and Z." And make sure you just don't burn the bridge on the way out. They could come back after screwing the whole thing up.
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I take a very similar approach. Also I send pictures of my starving children that will continue to go hungry without this commission.Β 
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I always reiterate their goals and why the solution they picked does not line up. I then get them to agree to stay in touch through the deployment of said competitor, because I know full well we would do it faster/easier. I actually have a 50% success rate getting someone to come back a few quarters later once they realize their deployment is going off the rails and the competitor over promised.Β 
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That's a good sign you did a decent job, firstly. At least, they're not letting you hang.Β 
I generally ask for 15 minutes of their time to get feedback. (Irony. Starting and ending with that 15 minute ask, lol)

Half of them agree for a call, the rest of them pass on feedback over email. I address stuff that I can. End of it, I tell em,Β  "<competitor> is a good company and if you find any gaps at all in the future or if I can be of any help at all, you know where to find me.

Oh, and if you're in SaaS, I make sure I note down the contract term so I follow up on time.Β Β 
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