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Is starting your own business the only option for a laid-off salesperson after you reach the milestone age of 50 ? How does one get hired at 50+ without compromising pay, dignity, location and happiness ?

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Write a book and/or start a sales training & methodology company. Seems to be the MO of most of the presenters at any β€œSales Summit” I’ve ever been to. Or, spin it! Get into a management role and work up to a CRO...or even CEO.Β 

PS. Hoping this isn’t your situation. πŸ™πŸ»βœŒπŸ»
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Firstly, sorry to hear that you might be in this situation.

I think it depends as to what level you were at, what you want to do and whether you want to start your own thing.Β 

It's definitely more difficult to get hired in some industries at that age, but not all are the same. certain software verticals prefer older salespeople as it gives more credibility.Β 

If you were at CRO/C level, then perhaps you want to take a step back and have less stress or join a smaller company where your years of experience will be invaluable.

Consulting to companies, your own thing, may actually be a blessing in disguise too.
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I hope you aren't in this sitch.

However consultants can earn bank. Good luck!
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Sorry to hear that keep your head up!

Reach out to your network - I’m sure that will helpΒ 
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If you have a decent amount of success & experience. I've seen guys do the outsourced sales management method with pretty good success. Depending on your needs you may only need to work 20 hours a week.
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There are definitely companies that hire in this mold. Check out firms like Software AG, Acoustic, the Marketo/Magento groups within Adobe.
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go to teaching! run your own youtube for training

but yes that's about it and everything wfh these days unless its law or insurance, they like to look you in the eye while they rob you

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