Join Gartner or stay in current tech company?

Hi guys, I am looking for some wisdom from the masses. ATM, I have received an offer from Gartner to join their MSE team as an Account Exec and am in a dilemma as to whether I should make the leap or not. The following summarize my considerations:

1) Current Company (currently here for 2 years): Sales Exec for a FinTech, covering Southeast Asia.

Pros: Good support from Sales Director (am in the good books), opportunity to manage the entire territory on my own, good pipeline, lots of opportunity to connect with key industry prospects.

Cons: Product is pretty much in a shit-state - we're getting battered by competitors, overpriced. Our core product can't be sold temporarily because of a security breach. Lacklustre communication from upper management, entire company lacks a proper structure in terms of knowing how to utilize BD/Marketing. They seem to acknowledge our ridiculous pricing structure but haven't received any insight into how they are going to address this. Universally, my colleagues all agree the product management team are pretty useless. I'm also somewhat overworked, having to pull long hours some days up till pretty late in the night. The reason why is I am now managing the entire region after one dude got fired for being complete trash (100% justified) and another resigned.

2) Gartner:

Pros: This is from an outsider's perspective - lots of opportunities internally to progress/grow/learn. Gartner has been consistently growing the last few quarters, the MSE space which I'm offered is high-growth as well. Better work/life balance (from some people I've spoke).

Cons: Really, the only con right now, is that a) The base salary is about 400 bucks/month lower than what I'm currently making. b) I don't know if my future manager will ever be as good as my current. My manager right now heavily supports me and speaks well of my performance. Hence, I would feel abit guilty leaving him when he told me I'm primed to succeed.

Personally, I am a little burnt out/jaded? by my company as I have very little faith in the product.

Should I make the leap to Gartner? I really need your wisdom. Thank you all!

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So much in this that could be contingent on so much else. But ignoring all of it. I see an opportunity to work at a respected brand name for the price of $400. Make it up on the other end and itโ€™s a clean winner.
Thatโ€™s not much of a cut in your base, and with the state of your current product moving to a well-known brand like Gartner makes sense to me.
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I vote Gartner
I worked for Gartner in London, so take this for what it is. It was a horrible experience because I had a first-time extreme micro-manager as a boss. I got hired for the HT side of the business but they put me in his team because 4 of the 5 people left his team in the last 3 months.

Pros: I really liked the training and the people I had around me were awesome. They have a buddy system and push to learn from top performers around you. Getting promoted is very easy and they do not mind paying a nice chunk of commish when you get a deal in.

Cons: No tech stack at all. We used Excel to distribute leads and they do not really have a working CRM. If you want other stuff like LI navigator it's out of pocket. Their deal desk sucks. The AE role is a mix between AE and AM. You only get a few letters you can prospect into (the first letter of the company is the cut-off). Business development gets the bulk of the territory and leads that come in. I did not get any warm leads during my time there. My manager forced me to put in extremely high forecasts that were not realistic.

You can always DM me if you want more background info.
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Negotiate a higher salary or signing bonus ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ
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Agreed, this seems a must.

I'd (personally) never move for less base salary unless I felt very confident that I'd make up for it in the commission.
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I appreciate that you were able to find some pros in your current role, but without a working, sellable product, thatโ€™s a struggle that will burn you out, in addition to being unsustainable for the company as a whole. My vote is Gartner.
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Whats the timeline to accept the offer? Gartner is a great logo sure.
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From everything you shared I would say go to Gartner.
Youโ€™ve been there 2 years and thatโ€™s longer than the average amount of time a rep sticks around at a tech company.
Go somewhere new where you can keep growing and learn new things.
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I have been approached by Gartner and honestly it seems pretty good
They call me Daddy, Sales Daddy
Gartner is well know and respected. It never hurts to have them on your resume. If you're current company is not as big/prestigious, making the jump could make a lot of sense.
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Back channel to Gartner reps to hear the full story. How many reps hit quota? Average OTE?
How does that compare to your current role?
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100% - you should move to Gartner. There are things like mental health, a better work environment and so on that is worth more than $5K/year. Never sacrifice yourself and your well-being for that $5K. You can make it up elsewhere.
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High turn over of staff. Some making lots of money. Thatโ€™s it.
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The biggest flag for your current role is the product. If you can't sell it, make the move would be my recommendation. The only thing you'll really miss will be a great manager and you may or may not have that at Gartner but you'll have a better products and brand recognition behind you.
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I think you have already arrived at your own conclusion. You are ready to move on, but worried the grass might not be greener on the other side. I would make the leap. I spoke w/ someone at Gartner who said Gartner's culture is top-notch. While the salary might be a bit lower, when you are in sales, you can make up the difference by selling more. And how many times do you see a company using Gartner's name somewhere in their marketing. They are the industry leader in their field.Go for it!
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I would definitely go for Gartner. Market leader, and exposure to many business issues across a variety of industries. I have friends at gartner, itโ€™s so fast paced but they all complain about being overworked.
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Gartner just for resume credit is fantastic, long term win.
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"Little faith" says it all.
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In my case, Gartner-Spain only offers Hybrid work and I need to be fully remote. I have been approached by Gartner recruiters 3 or 4 times already but it's not what I need.
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Gartner is a great company to have on your resume and you will learn a lot about sales in the process. That being said:
- Great well known product
- Some well known and reputable sales training
- There are opps for growth
- Having the name Gartner on your resume will open a lot of doors for you in the future
- Fun Winners Circle and events/conferences
- You will learn a lot about the industry and what is important to different personas which will serve you later in your career
- Very relationship driven

- Very micro manage environment
- Little to no tech stack
- No BDR team and the CSM team isn't really strategic or well trained
- It is very competitive and pit people against each other (that may be your style, it may not be).
- Pay lower than market rate because they can
- A lot of manual work which could be done by a small investment in sales tools or automated tools
- Teams work in siloes and aren't generally open to helping one another out

It was great for my career when I worked there but it wasn't a healthy or fun environment. That being said, some people absolutely love it and are there for most of their career. Depends on what you want and what kind of sales person you are.

Other than money. What are the reasons you join or stay at company?


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