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Leaving for Another Company

Question for the group:

I know most of us are trying to make the most money possible and progress our careers. Some of us have taken signifiant risk by joining an early stage start-up to satisfy that future fantasy that YOU will be that promoted VP that was "here" before things took off. However, when do you decide that the grass is greener at another established company? What do you look for? Is it worth it to leave all of the relationships and hope behind for a company that you perceive as properly built?

WR Officer
Head of Growth
I'm in it for #1 the vast majority of the time. 

If my stock is all vested, if I've learned all I can learn from the leadership, if I know I can make more money elsewhere... it's time to move on. 
Manager of Inside Sales
Lets say you would be leaving a year of stock on the table if you leave. Plus, you still have to gamble if the stock you are leaving would be worth less than the stock given to you at the publicly traded company. 
Tech BD
Properly built is important; if the startup is taking turns that will not allow it to scale to the point where being a VP means something, I would look elsewhere. A big, stable name on your resume is a safe bet. I chose stability because 1) I’m weak and like a safety net, 2) wife (and corgi) has become accustomed to a certain lifestyle, 3) there’s plenty to learn at a big company and then leverage later on at a startup.
Main reasons you would leave a company?
How much more $$$ would another company have to offer to leave right now?
How much more $ to leave for a new role?
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