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Need advice : Go to a Big Company (Google/SFDC) or early stage startup [8+ years of Experience]

Hi Folks,

Looking for some advice here. I've worked in a couple of startups, seen them grow 200%, have been a successful Enterprise AE (200% achievement multiple years), led teams for a short while.

I'm at crossroads where I have multiple opportunities:

  1. Go to a a smaller startup, less than $10M ARR right now, great team, management, product & PMF. Go in as Head of sales, built the global sales team and help them get into Enterprise. I def see this company reaching $50M ARR in 3-4 years.
  2. Go to a big player like Salesforce/Google as Strat AE, learn how to sell multi-million dollar products, multiple products in one deal and grow my skills. Something I've never done or seen anyone closely do.

Both the paths are exciting, areas where I'll learn a lot. I'm contemplating whether I follow a traditional growth path to go in a bigger organisation, grow their, hone my skills and see where my future takes me ; OR, go to a smaller startup, go through the grind, learn building global teams on the job and gain that experience over the next few years.

In case it helps, I'm 29 years old, 9 years of selling experience, and all the opportunities above pay the same.

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