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Startup: CEO wants to meet about my Base Pay $$

Long time lurker but new to posting here...

I was the 8th employee at this startup and took a big base pay cut (about 50%) when I jumped over (with equity being the payoff). We have now gone through our second series of private funding and we have a lot more cash than when we first started and are now at 25 employees.

Long story short, our CEO reached out and wants to talk about raising my base. It was a conversation I was going to bring up in the near future but hadn't gotten around to discussing.

I guess I'm looking for advice on how to approach this conversation... I'm not expecting a typical 5- 10% raise. Now that we are heavily funded, my expectation is that they will need to be competitive with the market which would be more of a 50 -75% raise.

My fear is that our CEO has the midset of a typical 5-10% yearly raise and I am thinking of this as getting me back to the range I was paid before making the jump.

I'm very happy with where I am at and have no plans to leave the company. In other salary negotiations, I've usually been open to walking if they don't give an agreeable raise or have already received an offer from a similar company that I want them to match.

How would y'all go about this? Should I get some other competitive offers from similar companies or will that just create bad blood?

TLDR: Took a 50% pay cut to join a start-up. I will be talking to our CEO about raising my base. Guessing we have very different expectations as to how big the raise will be.

What leverage do I have if I have no interest in leaving the company?

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