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CEO won’t let us use email automation. How to get him to allow?

Title basically says it all. I work at a small startup with a 6 person Sales team, where the CEO is completely against e-mail automation and has outlawed it, He doesn’t think it works. He hates when he gets unpersonalized emails so I feel like his personal gripe with the practice is affecting his ability to allow it.

I feel like this is hurting due to our company size. We should be casting a wider net and going after the lowest hanging fruit.

What would you do to convince him otherwise?

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Your CEO is a smart dude, listen to him.  Its possible to do customization at scale.  Email "automation" is glorified garbage spam, I get literally 30+ of these every day. Immediate delete. 
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Sorry, I kinda agree with the CEO on this one
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I’d 100% start emailing on the side and forward good stuff to your work email. 
After it works keep it a secret and don’t tell your team until you feel like leaving the company. Then sell whatever you got to the reps or sales manager
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So you’re saying create a rogue email address, buy an automation subscription, and start dumping accounts into automated cadences? 
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@BillyMays  Tough one but some ideas since I convinced mine: Address the objection about unpersonalized emails and show that it won't be the case. Then make a business case on the reach rate/conversion. If 6 people send 20 cold emails a day, you guys are sending 120 emails a day. It should take you 2 hours if you make them personal. I found out that with automation you can send 200 a day while having a good conversion ratio and free this time for the sales team to make more calls. As long as you put in the time to do it correctly, this stuff works. It is just too new and most misuse it, it's the future of prospecting. 
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