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Europe Trip: What the hell should I do

Yo War Room, I figured I'd ask here because sales folk tend to have the funds to do extensive traveling. I'm planning a two week trip to Europe next summer, and have a rough idea of where I'm looking to go (Central Europe). Sell me on the best countries/cities to visit! Tips are also highly appreciated.

Thanks fam

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I'd say London, Spain lots of options, Italy again lots of options.

for Spain I'd say - Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and San Sebastian
Italy - Rome and Naples as that's the only two I've been to personally

I used to live in Madrid and Barcelona so happy to offer further tips if you end up going there
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Spain for sure, weather, food, people, beaches and history. I am spaniard so I might not be objective :D
Same for Italy, Iยดve visited Rome, Sicily, Napoli and expecting to go to Sirdignia this year.
From central Europe I love Berlin, Prague, Paris and Amsterdam.
Have a nice trip!
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What do you like to do?ย 

Things you must experience before you die:

Venice - don't need to spend a lot of time here, but you should see it once
Berlin - Berghain
Paris -ย  Les Puces de Saint-Ouen
Siena, Italy - one of the most underrated italian destinations. The cathedral is amazing

Personally, my favorite experiences were from having a rental car and getting lost in small medieval towns.ย 
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A curated 5 City Tour:

Berlin, Germany
Turin, Italy
Florence, Italy
Malaga, Spain
Lisbon, Portugal

I know it's not all Central as you specified, but that's a nice tour that would provide a shift in culture and activities as you move!
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You can't go wrong with anything on the Mediterranean. Spain, Greece, Italy, Croatia!

All have certain pros/cons, but are amazing - for 2 weeks I'd try to hit 3-4 countries, but move at your own pace (some people like slower or faster travel).ย 
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cliffs of Moher in Ireland
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