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From just landing to now landing & expanding accounts

I'm an AE at a SaaS startup in the data transformation space, and I previously was solely tasked with net-new ARR. Once the account closed, I lobbed it over the fence to Customer Success and I was onto the next one -- deuces!

We've since decided to change course internally and I'm now responsible for both landing and expanding accounts. I don't have any prior experience doing post-sales work, so I'm really hoping to hear quality feedback on the best way my fellow sellers navigate the post-sales motion on top of landing accounts.

For example, do you create a system that prioritizes certain customers over others? How often do you meet with the account/do you always loop in your SA/SE? Do you proactively schedule monthly calls or position more ad-hoc support?

Any/all feedback is appreciated! I'm also glad to share more context if necessary.

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Are you still going to have a CSM or will you be taking on that role as well? At our company sales continues to cover accounts post initial sale, we have a whole suite of products that we can sell to expand the footprint.

We do still have CSMs though, the CSM typically handles all quarterly/monthly meetings with the customer and any support issues, and then kicks any sales related inquiries back to the sales team. I join the monthly calls when I can, helpful for relationship building and understanding their roadmap and priorities.

We know exactly what the upsell potential is for each account, and actively outbound and hunt based on that.

Our territories are a bit smaller, mix of current customers and new logo targets. 
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We'll have a combination of a CSM/Engineer assigned to their account for in-depth technical needs (we sell a very technical product), but me and my SA are responsible for the renewal/relationship-building.

Ultimately, I'm trying to find out the best way to work smarter and not harder. My aim is to spend ~70% of my time closing new accounts, 20% of my time ensuring my best customers are supported, and like 10% of my time making sure my lower-tier customers just don't churn.

We're transitioning to usage-based pricing (away from licenses), so I'm thinking about just cherry-picking accounts based on usage ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Upselling is different but similar to generating new business in a lot of ways. Make sure to ask questions about how the customer is using the tool and areas they would like to expand upon. As for how often you should schedule meetings I think bi-weekly is a good thing just so you can keep in touch to get that feedback, but if the customer doesn't deem it necessary don't be afraid to cancel some of those meetings
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Expanding is often MUCH easier than landing accounts.  How is your product sold?  By seat?  If so, you'll have some natural expansion by organic growth.  

Make sure you are making the customer feel like they matter [because they do], and see if they can help you network within other BUs or areas where your product can bring value.  Same for cross-selling.  

Help your champions build a story about outcomes after deploying and scaling your product that makes them look like heroes as well as frames a story you can go sell to other areas of the business.

Ask for warm intros into other areas of leadership or other team leads within the customer's company.  Arrange executive QBRs to align your exec team with theirs to help expand the strategic relationship.  

In an ideal world, you're doing a 60/40 or even 70/30 from existing vs new logos.  Huge benefit to be able to work warm customers, even if some of the work is just keeping them happy to guarantee a flat renewal--they can be a reference for another new logo or a success story to help you sell if nothing else
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