Let go 4 months after AE promotion, advice?

Quick back story. Started off in a separate industry before tech. Cut my teeth for a year, ran full cycle sales, standard b2b AE then took a step back to sdr to break into SAAS.

a year and change later i was promoted to AE. It was hard fought and the company was a market leader.

Here's the heartbreaker, 3 years of hardwork got flushed down the tube when I was let go 4 months after promotion.

I've been passed over by direct competitors in interviews and even gotten auto rejections from organizations where i've had internal referrals.

The company i worked for was also 80+ ranked on repvue and when i started i did the "boiler room" thing and I dont want to go back.

Im currently applying for the smb and Mid Market space (was Mid market).

Dont want to give up the SAAS AE title i fought so hard for after 3 years. I Trying to keep my chin up but boy has it been tough.

Any advice on what sorts of positions I should be going for?

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If you don't want an SDR position, don't apply for one.

I would massage your resume to highlight the AE position.

You need a good story about being let go. They will definitely ask about it.
No doubts here. Heed the all-powerful and generally charming @Pachacuti advice here. Be careful what you ask for. But if you want to post a redacted resume here, weโ€™ll try to give you a hand with that resume massage thing. You just gotta do it.
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I think you nailed the gist of it - you get hired to jobs that you have done, and promoted until you fail.

Itโ€™s hard out there right now. Every company is looking to fix things operationally (I.e - cut costs). I have been hearing things from a couple of financial institutions that issue credit, and are worried about the rising DQ rates. So things are a stirring, and maybe not in the best way for growth.
Iโ€™m gonna guess youโ€™re familiar with the Peter Principle? If, by chance, youโ€™re not- People rise in org hierarchy until theyโ€™re in a position where rendered completely incompetent.

โ€”what you said, but published. Yup
This is the way to go about it. And as @oldcloser suggested - share a redacted resume and I'm sure you'll get help from a bunch of Savages
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Seems pretty cut and dry to me ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ
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Honestly, I don't think anyone has a definitive answer. The people I've seen bounce back quickly in this market were all people with 4+ years of AE experience in tech/software specifically. Partly due to their resume just looking better with that experience, but also because they had time to develop a good network from which they could source referrals and interviews for jobs.

It's a problem I'm struggling with too. I moved into tech/software in 2021 after being in banking and insurance for 6 years. I figured MM shouldn't be out of the question given my experience, but haven't gotten any traction. Tried SMB roles but still get the auto reject or I'll message a hiring manager about the role and get told they're looking for someone with different experience than me. I've gone for SDR roles too (I'm not too proud to go back if that's what it takes) and sometimes I'll get an interview, but most of the time I get little interest for those roles too. It's like being in no man's land. I can't blame hiring managers at all because they're just taking what they perceive as the less risky path.

Anyway. It sucks. I wish I had an answer for you. In all likelihood, you'll probably have to go back to SDR. But even then, there's a good chance SDR managers won't want to hire you because they'll be worried you'll be impatient for a promotion to AE or leave once the market turns and then they wasted all that time with you when they could have hired some 22 year old fresh out of college instead.
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Donโ€™t apply to something you donโ€™t want to do unless youโ€™re at the point of needing something. And if youโ€™re at that point, land that job and do the absolute best you can. Itโ€™s a weird time - lots of layoffs have resulted in a glut of reps in the market. Itโ€™s going to take a lot of perseverance and patience to find roles. Itโ€™s not you. Itโ€™s a lot of factors. Keep at it.
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Before I found my current roles as AM (senior AM as of Jan) I had to go back to BDR/SDR as my org uses that time to gear people up on the actual software before they tackle the talk tracks & demos on their own.

I was coming off a Director position when I made that move and yeah...it was hard to swallow but it was that or back to slinging copiers and I told everyone close to me if I ever brought that option up they owed me a mid size caliber round to the back of the head.

I don't know what your best play is, def don't opening apply for SDR/BDR - possibly look at some CS or AM roles that have some hybrid flex feel (what mine has become). Look outside the normal avenues as well.

I'm in the industry so I'm biased but I'd look at transport/freight software of any mode b/c the users are archaic and losing the generation of tribal knowledge owners and every org, private and PE owned, are looking to simplify the processes and integrate.

Just my 2 cents but I hope you get something good and if they say they want you to start at another role and then move you up get that shit in writing.
Go be a manager
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It's all about the long game. Sometimes you take a career hit to be better. Sorry you're in this situation
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Depends on your circumstances. If you donโ€™t want to go the SDR route, donโ€™t think of it and donโ€™t apply. Or from cash flow perspective you might want to take up something while continue to apply for your desired role.
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Internal referrals are such BS. Only ones Iโ€™ve ever seen work are when the internal referrer speaks directly to the hiring manager for you. Competent internal recruiters are hard to come by.
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Is there more to the story on you being let go? Were you the only one or was it part of a larger reduction in force? If I was interviewing you I'd ask for more explanation.
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Iโ€™m in advertising and Iโ€™ve noticed agencies want AEs to walk in and operate like theyโ€™ve been there for years. To come in with a ton of clients and relationships to immediately add value but they donโ€™t want to pay for it. I imagine that could be the same in SAAS. So they see your 4 months in the AE position and move on. So try to look at your resume and find ways to show youโ€™ve been an AE even when your title was different.

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