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Late to the Party - How to Win Business When a Competitor Gets There First

To keep this succinct, my company supplies a physical product that has been HOT this year (yes- covid related mitigation).

For many schools/gov orgs/ and larger businesses - when they have a clear pain point and need, while they're considering multiple options and technologies: What is your go-to method to win?

This might be an irrelevant post as it's a weird hybrid of enterprise selling/dealing with grant processes.

Been a tough sales week.

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WR Officer
Bean Juice Drinker | Sales Savant
Well, have you lost a deal to a competitor even though YOU were there first? Think about what happened in that situation and understand how they beat you...then turn that into your tactical response.

Play up your value, leverage social proof (who else is using you), and toss out all the FUD you can on your competitors!
AE of B2B
I think my FUD game is lacking. I appreciate the helpful comment. We have TONS of social proof but it's a larger capital investment - my other thought is to stick with my champion at the account in asking better questions as we go.Β 
WR Officer
Bean Juice Drinker | Sales Savant
FUD in an emotionally and operationally charged sale (COVID is not to be trifled with in a corporate capacity) is a gamechanger. Might not be ready for this particular sale, but worth building out for the future.
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Do you know the competitor? Do you know enough about where you are better than that competitor? If yes to both then it’s great to take a consultative approach and set traps for them to know where you’re gonna beat them outΒ 
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Just got back from my first post-COVID business trip!
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What method would you use to get your Champion on the phone?
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