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I know we all here have a love-hate relationships with marketing but today was the moment I realised they really do take credit and I wanted to know how others have experienced this.

Our marketing person, who is a one person team showed the whole company her results from this quarter just been. I knew fully well the actual MQLs brought in, they did reference me a lot with the help and ideas I gave towards campaigns etc but the numbers where very wrong and a lot of them were the classic - I have worked on it and just added the contact and all you have done is sent a campaign and they have opened it so you're taking credit for the interest.

It's very frustrating when they 'Warm up something' when it's not the case.

Then again, I'm in a small company with one marketing person, what's it like in larger companies with several marketing people taking credit etc?

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Why are marketing so irritating?
Why are marketing so irritating?
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