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Networking tips

Currently on the hunt for new job opportunities.

For all sales leaders and VP’s on here. What’s the best way to reach out to you to talk about job opportunities at your company?

For fellow sales savages on the job hunt. What have you done to network your way into companies that you’re interested in. What have you had success with.

any advice is appreciated

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Senior Director of Sales
Have you considered reaching out to sales recruiters? They are always on the hunt for new talent and may match you with a good opportunity. 

Only one time has someone contacted me directly to ask about a position. It’s crazy, because as a sales leader, I would always give time to someone prospecting for a job. 

Reach out via email/LI or if you’re up to it, cold call and be ready with your pitch to the highest sales leader first and if they like what they see, you’ll hear from them or someone down the food chain - Mgr/Dir/VP directly. 

Explain why you would want to work for them and a quick snapshot of your current numbers.
Surgical Technology Specialist
So far my approach has been to start by sending a linked in request and reaching out to someone in the company at the same level as me. I try to arrange a chat to ask them about the company and see if it’s a good fit. Then if I like what I hear I ask them to refer me to their manager and I repeat the process working my way up the food chain. I’ve had decent success with this so far. No offers but several companies saying they’ll contact me when they have an opening. Just wondering if I’m missing anything
Senior Director of Sales
Good approach reaching out to a current employee to get a sense of what they like/dislike if they are willing to discuss.  

The referral from an IC to a manager depends on what that leader thinks of the person who says they are referring you up. 

I always met with one of my salespeople’s referrals because their work ethic and attitude were what I wanted to hire all the time. 

When they say they’ll follow up when there is an opening, go back with “when do you expect to have an opening?”  

What type of role are you looking to land? 
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Business Coach
If I was interested in a role at an organization, I would reach out to the highest level possible and explain how I can help solve some of their problems.  If you do that, they will let you know who to talk to and they will make sure that conversation happens.
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