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Not "eligible for promotion"


I recently got a promotion from an associate AE to an AE1 within LinkedIn (sorry corp, we know you hate us...).

Within the next few months i know an AE2 position is opening up but i'm not "eligible for promotion" since you need to stay in your role 12 months or get 2 good performance reviews.

How do i convince my manager that i should get that position?

Facts to consider;

  • Made club last year, number 1 on the ranking for this year
  • sold twice as much as an AE2 already
  • Company has 19K employees so we are corporate as fuck
  • Currently pacing 314% of Q and expected to land at 410%
  • Rest of the team is pacing at 80/90ish %

Help a bro out!

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WR Officer
Head of Growth
So I'll answer from the management standpoint here. Not trying to tell you that you shouldn't go for it, just trying to give some justification here.Β 

I'm your manager. I set up these requirements about 12 months or 2 good reviews to ensure a couple things:

1)Β Consistency. It's awesome if you're good at being an AAE, but aspects of the role may change drastically when you go from AAE to AE1 to AE2. I need to see that you can achieve consistently.Β 

2) Fairness. Let's say I have 2 people up for a promotion and one has hit exactly 100% of quota for 12 months and the other has hit 300% of quota for 4 months. The person who did exactly what I told them to do for a full year would be pretty pissed if they were passed over for a promotion.Β 
Account Executive
True, sometimes it feels unfair since i have been selling over doubleΒ their digits in the past year that they would get promotion before me. I indeed understand that it would be extremely unfair towards the other reps if I would go up the ranks quicker as them.Β 

Thanks Salesnerd, appreciate it!Β 
WR Officer
Head of Growth
Of course! Happy to help. Again, not saying you shouldn't go for it, just trying to give you some insight from the management point of view.Β 
Account Executive
You know better than me on how LI would approach it, but companies with position levels (AE1, AE2, AE3) typically aren't gonna be flexible with the requirements to level up. The promotion path spans far beyond your sales manager's decision-making power. Of course one of the big requirements is with "minimum time in role" so be patient and enjoy those above-quota accelerators.Β 
Account Executive
Thanks exec, salesnerd indeed clarified the logic why someone else would get be preferred in such a big company as LinkedIn.Β 
That is an interesting post...would lile to hear about the community about it
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