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Quota attainment levels within your org and line size

I am curious as to how attainable quotas are in sales at the present moment. How attainable are sales quotas nowadays (especially interested in SaaS sales information)? Do you expect to hit quota each and every year? Do most people on your team? Is quota at your org always attainable as long as you are willing to work hard?

I see a lot of people talk about just how darn lucrative this industry (Sales in general) is, and specifically people mention tech and software sales and how much money salespeople make in that segment. What has been your experience?

What is the rough % of the salespeople in your line size in your org hit quota?
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Channel Sales Manager
My quota is really attainable this year.ย 

I'm on a VERY lean team that is doing the work of a division that used to be 3x our size.

We're extremely busy, but we should meet goals on inbound activities alone. My colleague believes it's easily possible to make 200% this year.ย 

While all of this is exciting, it's very much right place right time.

When I left my last company, no one was attaining quota. Today, most of them are! Things tend to come in cycles, as no company has really perfected quota assignment. Just make sure you have a solid leadership team and a solid product/service. Ask would-be peers how they're performing against targets. All the due diligence and discovery you'd want when evaluating a potential employer.

At the end of the day, it is a gamble. That's the barrier of entry for the high earnings potential you keep hearing about.

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Deepak Chopra of Sales
I think most sales teams expect 60-70% of reps to hit quota. It's BS, but it's reality.
Enterprise Account Executive
Last year we blew up with covid helping our business and 80% of people hit. We all knew this year would be slower but quotas went way up so we went from 55% normally hitting it, to 80%, and now it will be 35% maybe.
Enterprise Account Executive
I think i have a chance this year but Iโ€™m 1 of 8 on my team to hit in Q1 lol
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Business Development Lead
If I hit quota this year, I am God. Target of ยฃ500k (~$700k) with stretch of ยฃ750k (~$1m)

I have a new SaaS CRM product that the business is using a PLG model for (so it's free on it's lowest level. FML) There is opportunity to make money selling IT consultancy however it's not something you can really prospect for; it relies on marketing. The sales cycles are also super long (12-18 months). Current marketing for this side of the business? Zero. Nada. Nil.

Not been in position long so I'm essentially reviewing what the future may look like.
Account Executive
hmm varies A LOT.
2 years ago with crazy growth and few reps, 80% of reps were at 80% or above.
Last year (covid) I finished at 89% and was around that 35% percentile (looking at the Prez club rankings) so I'd say about 20% hit or went above target.
this year? who knows :D
Account Manager
I think we're tracking 75-100% this year only because our baseline from last year during covid is stupid low. Normally I'd say it's more like 50-70%!
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What percentage of reps hit quota at your company