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It entirely depends on who you ask. Since you're asking me, here's my opinion:
1) 70%-80% of reps should be hitting quota. Any less than that and it's a poorly designed quota. 
2) How badly are people missing and how consistently? Is it a different 40% who are hitting every month/quarter or the same people? Are the people who are missing ending at 90% or 20%? 

This is one of those questions where if you're asking the question, you probably know the answer... 40% isn't good my friend.
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Considering I've only been with one sales org. I have to ask to see what is going on/going wrong. I would say that it's typically the same people who have a good handle on territory/accounts and then a few lucky skunks here and there. The rest are usual suspects
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Ask yourself why you care: Is it money? Are you worried about getting fired? Are you looking for a new job?

Last year was a shit show we did our comp plan 3 times but at the end we only had 40% hitting a large part of their quota but we had 2 different metrics almost all hit the second part... 

In my experience hitting 100% of their number most places I work only about 50% ANNUALLY. Monthly is a terrible way to measure because each sales rep is gonna have its own style. Some are whale chasers some chase small deals and always hit 80ish% of their number. 
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40% is awful unless you have a very long sales cycle (12-18 months). I have worked deals like this and it is not uncommon for half the reps to miss quota in a given year because you close 1-2 deals a year and if 1 deal pushes you get screwed but have a huge year the next year. 
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I've always focused on building my plans with a target of 70% of my team hitting their goals.  Its an aggressive goal, and its tough as nails to find the balance between pushing to hit our aggressive growth numbers and seeing my sellers succeed - but it can be done.  My personal opinion, anything consistently below 50% and your sales leader is just lazily over targeting everyone so to create padding to hit their number. 
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Every. Single. Day. The minute you take you’re foot off the gas, that’s when you’re falling behind. That’s not to say that you can’t still crush it and get behind, but the minute you take your eye off the ball you’ve missed the target. Making metaphors. 

What % of your sales org will hit quota this year?

What % of your sales org will hit their quota in 2021
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What percentage of your sales force hits quota?


What percentage of reps hit quota at your company