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Tips to reduce no-shows / ghosting?

You do all this work to get the prospect on the calendar, dial into the Zoom ... waiting ... maybe they are just running late ... send email ... look nervous... yikes, just got πŸ‘» πŸͺ¦ ☠️.

This shit happens with sales prospects, but also outbounded candidates in a recruiting process, etc. I've always tried to build a foolproof system, but I'd love some suggestions.

Heres 1 thing I do: send a stealth reminder email the night before the call.

"Hey NAME, Read this <something relevant> today, thought you might find interesting. Looking forward to 4pm tomorrow. SM"

Something light n easy. But it doesn't always work, and sometimes it opens the door for a reply like: "Hey, super slammed tomorrow. Can we reschedule for next week?" πŸ‘» πŸ’€


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The closest thing to a silver bullet for me has been this:

- Connect with them on LinkedIn when the meeting is booked
- Add simple note like "excited to meet you on [insert date and time]"
Β - Send LinkedIn video a day or two before with 2-3 points I'm specifically looking forward to discussing with them, end with 1 personal point (e.g. "Loved your last post because ____")

ZERO no-shows when I do this process.Β 
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Brilliant process ; video or voice which would be better?
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Great tip. I'm also a fan of teasing something before the call to entice them to join the call. In the situation you mentioned above, I would do something like:

"Hey NAME, Read this <something relevant> today, I have an idea about how this could help you <solve relevant problem>... Let's chat about it during our call at 4pm tomorrow. SM"
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Booking ASAP seems to help with no shows. Try and get something on the calendar within 48 hours.Β 

The further appointments are booked out, the more likely it is they'll forget/lose interest OR if they insist on a far out appointment with no good reason (vacation, huge project to finish up,) they're likely just saying it to get you off the phone and have zero intention of showing up.
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Send a drift video with an agenda. Also a $5 gift card for coffee in the reminder works as well.Β 

I also give them an opt out when I book the meeting. β€œIf something comes up and you are not able to make the meeting, that’s totally fine just give me a heads up and we can reschedule or shuffle our calendars around” 
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Send them a bag of d|cks, ha jk. Are you allowed to have a 3 strikes and you're out rule?
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I like to make sure that they accept the calendar invite when I have them on the phone and make sure to use the wording "your agreed upon time". I have found that this along with sending a reminder if the meeting is set for a week from when you called/emailed them have drastically lowered the rate of no shows for me personally.
Commercial Director
Mini contracts in your first call. 'If the next call goes well, and it looks like there's more we can talk about in terms of a partnership - would there be any reason we couldn't move forward?'Β 

Always handy to get those pesky contracts and other blockers to the surface.
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