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When to start fresh

Another post in which I would never see on LI and I’m so happy for this platform so I can share and get real advice.

Company is going through some change right now with new ownership. Bunch of people laid off and some great talent has left. Obviously some growing pains as we shift focus, rebrand etc but i think it’s all good things that will take time.

With some of the departures and changes, my role has certainly gotten bigger yet way more challenging. I still have a path to hit my number but it will be very tough. I’ve seen people move to competitors and get great packages which makes me think of moving on. But, with my role, I’d like more experience on my resume in order to make a lateral or upward move rather than downward just to get out.

I don’t want to give too much info but would love some advice as I haven’t experienced anything like this in my short career.

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Weather the storm and build that experience up. You never know when someone is looking for someone who can manage massive change like you are right now.
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Rightly said!! +1
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That’s my initial thought as well - but it is getting tough to continuously have conversations with customers about why people left, why there are so many changes rather than a productive meeting about the project. 
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A few notes:

-I don't know your situation but it makes sense to keep it close to the vest beyond what you've provided. My guess is 70/30 you're probably fine and there really isn't rush to get out.
-So many people are hiring. SO many people. So if you decide to leave in a bit, you're good. If you end up getting laid off, you're good.
-I was talking last week to a buddy of mine who is a hiring manager for a big subsidiary of a big tech company (both well known). OTE there is skyrocketing and apparently is in general. Salesforce is pushing salaries up in the market apparently so every company that competes with them (including for talent) is also having to pony up the cash.

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I appreciate the insight - very helpful! 
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