The War Room

Yep... it's one of those posts. Which one should I take?

Alrighty ladies and gents, I have 3 offers to consider and I want the almighty wisdom of the War Room. For context, I have 1 1/2 years of closing experience and am relocating across the country in 3 months. All three have solid products from what I can see.

Option 1

  • 120k OTE 50/50 split
  • Relocation covered 100% + $10k relocation disbursement (non recoverable)
  • Covers 100% benefits
  • Hybrid work schedule (which I actually prefer)
  • Guarantees OTE first 3 months on ramp (also non recoverable)
  • Repvue Score: 95
  • ALLEGEDLY 85% + of the team is hitting quota
  • Also ALLEGEDLY "x% of our business is inbound" (x is a large number over 50% just trying to remain semi stealthy) PLG
  • Huge growth YoY + just raised a GIANT round with a solid valuation
  • Includes equity, they are pre IPO (obviously see above note)
  • Per them - promoted quite a bit of their workforce last year and plan to look internally as things grow
  • Match 401k up to $6k
  • Won't budge on comp....

Option 2

  • 130k OTE 60/40 split
  • Covers 50% benefits
  • Hybrid work schedule
  • Leader in their space by a mile
  • Repvue Score: 90
  • 55% team attaining quota - team I am interviewing for 110% for FY22
  • Publicly traded
  • Selling into a industry that I enjoy selling to
  • REALLY liked the Hiring Manager
  • Match 401k 50% up to 6%

Option 3

  • 150k OTE 50/50 split
  • Covers 100% benefits
  • Hybrid work schedule
  • Publicly traded
  • Repvue Score: 89
  • 50% team attaining quota
  • Got blasted on Glassdoor, specifically in the AE job description. Some concerning notes in there.
  • Quite a bit more technical of a product, but I'm up for it
  • Match 401k 100% up to 6%

Boy oh boy is it a candidates market.

Let me know what you think WR - to be honest just typing all this out helped.

Which one?
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