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1st Week at a new AE job

Hi Sales Sharks,

Hope all of you had a great quarter as usual

I just started completed my first week as an AE in my new company, I want to share my actions and hopefully get some advice/pointers. This company is an IT service provider.

On my first day, I emailed my Direct manager and he introduce me to all the stakeholders. I reach out to all of them individually and ask for an introduction session. Had a meeting with Sales ops for the necessary onboarding process.

Day 2 - Virtual meet leaders from presales, project delivery, various tech practice owners. Got to know the company's real offerings and resource focus. Meet my MD for a beer in the evening to have an understanding of the expectation and hiring me. I ask to shadow a salesperson to have a better understanding of the process and our offerings, he immediately sends out an email instructing a Sales director to bring me to all meetings and demo for the next 3 mths.

Day 3 - After gathering all the information and understanding of our business focus and strategy, I work out a plan to quickly kick start my journey. I focus on 1 product that we are uniquely strong in and have strong use cases. I bug/ research/ ask for resources to study and understand the product.

Day 4 and 5 are spent on Elearning and researching the product, the marketing, alternatives, and competitors. Strategize my game plan for Oct.

Please offer your valuable suggestions or share your thoughts. If possible, pls comment on what I should have achieve by end of week 2


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