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American Sales Work Ethic Vs. Sales in UK/EMEA/Rest of World/ Expat scared of US

Hello all!

DISCLAIMER - not trying to be click-baity/stir the pot in the war room. this is not meant to theorize protestant work ethic, origins of capitalism, or dive too deeply into class/culture warfare etc.

Background before question - as an expat in europe for 3 years working as an SDR/BDR & AE, I came to Europe with no sales experience and lied about everything to get hired (they dont do background checks here) and taught myself on the job. With that being said, I know my restless work ethic to afford rent/life in the US helped with absorbing and adapting to SAAS/tech sales.

Question - now that I have the hang of SAAS sales and have successfully hit my quota's prior and during the height of the pandemic up until now, I know the work I am putting in is a drop in the bucket compared to the daily life of US sales teams.

Our average salaries are base 28K-35K w/near uncapped commission in euros/42K in $ SDR's and 40-50K euros for AE's with 24 paid days off which is standard and on the low end, average KPI's for SDR's/BDR's here being; 30-70 calls a day, 250-400k quarterly pipe, 50-100k closed deals/arr quarterly (some jobs it doesnt affect your SDR commission if AE's cant close your opps), zero automated emailing (most of the companies say Outreach, Salesloft are against GDPR) and 300-500 manual emails sent monthly, 1000's of linkedin sales nav message requests and In-mails, hundreds of Loom/Vidyard videos made.

**Do you think this gives me some hope of landing something with the big boys in sales in the US? Possibly even applying to AE roles with this experience?"**

Work life balance is great here considering calling in sick isnt a problem, requesting time off isnt a problem and is actually encouraged nor is it political and you can openly tell coworkers if you choose what your plans are vs. Americans strategically planning vacation and not telling a soul as it could be used as leverage against you etc.

I probably forgot some stuff and am happy to hear your thoughts!

Good luck closing as we end Q2!

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American work culture is honestly gross compared to European culture.

Europeans: "I'm taking a 3 week vacation. Adieu."

Americans: "I will be getting my kidney removed today but I will be accessible by email"
As far as I know US based sales orgs are moreΒ cutthroat. Mostly because of the meritocracy and culture they try to create within the company.

I know they expect higher volumes whenm it comes to calls/mails etc. Also US based companies are not familiar with PTO rules and other regulations in the EU for example.
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Your metrics provide a good baseline for what SDRs are expected to do at most MM or Ent-focused companies. I'd say you have a shot at landing a role...but you'll be expected to work your ass off. Your lifestyle will change drastically--but your pay might as well (going up). Are you really ready to make that trade?
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Good to know!

Could you provide an estimate of SDR KPI's? Probably double then the baseline I provided right?
If sales people didn’t have quotas, and were paid just a flat rate of whatever they sold, do you think think that A)Salespeople would work just as hard? B) Create a better culture within the Sales Org? C) Create better relationships with their buyers?
Anyone here based in Australia? Not sure how the rest of the world is going but COVID has been a boom for sales here
Biggest difference between sales in the US and in Europe?