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COMP ADVICE: Being paid half for the same work

After the Great Sales Department Realignment of 2022, i went from managing a team, back to essentially an AE role.

We hired other AE's, but they are field based. Myself and a couple others are inside based, but we do the same thing..close deals.

Found out the new crop of AEs are being paid TWICE the commission rate as myself. TWICE! As in they make twice the percentage on every deal!!!!

I had asked management if our plans would be the same: "Yes of course, it's the exact same plan!" In summation, that would be considered a Lie.

Not to mention they're paying me about half of what I'm owed under my old management plan because "we were going to do a combo of the AE plan and management plan since you were in a transition"...funny, because i was paid the full amount of my revenue brought in under the AE plan, but they're cutting in HALF the management plan.

I'm having a hard time figuring out my next steps here (obviously i'm looking elsewhere, some good opportunities in the works)..however, this sucks, and I'm angry. Need advice on how to navigate this effectively... HELP PLZ

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