The War Room

December-Eve. Get those Dolla Dolla Bills

11 months down and 1 to fucking GO!

(get that vitamin D. the only S.A.D. I want you getting is Sales SADNESS and not Seasonal Affective Disorder - it's the real killer only 2nd to Radon).

Yes, it's the worst month to try to get someone to call you back because they are drinking eggnog, hiding from reality, and/or jumping jobs so your deal falls flat.

Or even better, they may be living out their hallmark-movie inspired dreams of finding true love while being a 47 year old woman in Scotland who wanted to reconnect with her roots (thanks for that one Netflix).

*no hate, I respect the game*


But what is your strategy now to break through and get that signature by new year???

In these "unprecedented times" we all live in the new reality of almost being 2022 and the Cyberpunk Era is approaching as nothing has been real since 2012 Mayan calendar predicted anyways.

I look forward to grabbing whatever fat stacks of cash I can before that 31st and if it means I have to show up for Mr. Prospects family caroling adventure throughout their neighborhood I guess you'll find me warming up my pipes.

Give the pipes or get them, right?

Here's to all my sales homies entering the endgame now. You're not just your number. Keep them brains healthy and happy.

Win or lose you have your Bravado family come the ball drop.

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