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Do companies really care about a positive THC result in a drug test? / What do you do if you know you're testing positive?

I'm located in a state where weed is legal recreationally (had my med card in the state I lived in previously where it was also legal recreationally). Didn't think to get another med card in the new state given it's not necessary to get kush. New job offer is contingent upon passing their drug screening - (company is HQ'd in a state where weed is legal- also where the job would be). I'm moving from tech sales (large public company- never been drug tested) to a large privately held company in the healthcare industry. Everything I've read online (indeed/glassdoor/fishbowl etc) is nonconclusive, but in the time between applying, interviewing, and receiving the offer, which stipulated I go through their drug screening within 48 hours of accepting, I still would not have been able to get THC out of my system - if you were going to comment something along the lines of "you should've sToPpEd sMoKing weed" please don't. Would really appreciate any advice on if I should expedite trying to get my medical card for when they call me about all of things I will inevitably test positive for (all other drugs are prescribed by doctors). Or if that is a waste of time and most companies don't care about THC, or don't care if you have a medical card?

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