Final Stage Interview for SDR Leadership role - Presentation & Meet the Team

Have you ever put together a presentation based on a hypothetical scenario or prompt? It's my first time being asked to do so, and the prompt is about practical things I do in my day-to-day role so I'm not too worried about the content, I would love to hear from anyone who has experience with this type of presentation. Any insights or feedback you could offer would be greatly appreciated, along with any advice on how to best put together and present my ideas when I go in person next week.

The goal is to create 2-3 slides giving an hypothesis as to why the team is underperforming. They gave me data and assumptions to go off of.ย 

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The goal is to create 2-3 slides giving an hypothesis as to why the team is underperforming. They gave me data and assumptions to go off of.
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That's a lame hypothesis, but whatever...

They want to see how analytical you are in your thinking and if you're able to identify as well as help solve the issues they have presented.

You can't just point to the economy as the problem, nor can you say "work harder" as the solution (unless that's blatantly the solution).

Are they undertrained, do they lack quality lead lists to work off of, is the "qualification process" too onerous or just lousy, or is the morale poor overall?

As the SDR Director you (and your presentation) need focus on providing support, guidance, and motivation to their team while optimizing processes and metrics to achieve the desired outcomes.
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This needs more context. What is the goal of the presentation? To show you can build a deck or to illustrate what you do every day?
Exactly! What do they want from you? Is this about presentation skills, motivating the team or content and day to day strategy
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Sounds like classic panel
I would
1) you and why you are a cultural uplift
2) your general modus operandi
3) benefits in numbers from your mo
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Curious what are you looking from the War Room, since itโ€™s seems like you got a good handle on the content to present.

And with 2-3 slides it seems like, itโ€™s should be a slide with the current problems, you proposed solutions, and the expected outcome of the changes
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All what I recommend here is not to keep the door opened -when doing the presentation- for any excuses from your team that resulted in that under-performance!

Just try to get the slides subjective enough to mainly target the extra support required to get their numbers better, and focus on putting a performance plan that should tackle their weakness points they may have that would result in enhancing their performance month after the other.

Much of Luck!
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so sounds like the goal is for them to see HOW you make decisions, and how you will solve them. I think it will be less about picking the "right" option.

I think being clear and concise will be a big deal. dont explain EVERY possible option, followed by your selection.

- share the relevant data that you looked at
-How you interpreted that data
-What your conclusion is
- How you will solve it

i would spend more time talking about how you will solve it than anything else. maybe mentioning some questions you have still that could impact what happens next.
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Thank you all, I appreciate all the feedback!
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Update: Crushed the presentation and got pushed fwd to reference checks!

Thank you everyone for all the support! ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฝ