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How do you handle the"passed deal" after a coworker leaves?

What are best practices you have implemented for inserting yourself into a deal when a coworker leaves and you inherit mid cycle? How do you put a deal like this back on the rails?

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Honest conversation- introduce yourself, explain the situation as best as possible (humans are generally understanding I find when not being swindled) and try to put the pieces of deal together before getting on the phone. Asking the prospect to bring you up to speed is not their job. Hopefully the previous rep was able to outline the resources at the company (ie a champion, catalyst, DM) and you can reach out to your help on the inside.ย 

tough spot tho, never a silver bullet.ย 
+1 and look for any relevant notes in the crm
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It's the perfect excuse to take a step back and make sure they're feeling heard and supported. I always use the "I'm new here" card to ask customers for honest feedback on what's been good or bad in their experience with our company, and they usually give at least one or two little things they haven't liked that are quick and easy fixes for me to build immediate trust!
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My experience is it's usually not a big deal. People come and go from orgs, it shouldn't impact the buying cycle.

Make sure you articulate the transition to them; do you homework to make sure you've read all the notes and context. Customers do not want you to come back and ask them tons of questions they've already answered.

You will likely have to validate some information but let them know up front, "hey i've read up on all the notes from 'Bob', I want to ensure I understand everything correctly and am not making any assumptions here, do you mind confirming this for me, or hey I understand this is what you're looking for, is that accurtate?

As long as you come prepared and it feels like you're not coming from left wing it should be fine, they won't get annoyed.
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I'm currently in this situation.

I look at the deal details to familiarize myself before contacting the client. Then I call and tell them a shortened truth. The person is no longer here and I am your new rep, even though I'm not new to the company. This gives a sense of comfort knowing we can jump right in and close the deal.ย 
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to quote my manager, "no one has gotten rich off a dead man's pipeline"
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I love this qoute
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